Are Cell Phones Really That Great??

It is no question that cell phones are a part of our lives now. However, have you ever thought about the side effects of overusing a cell phone? Before researching the topic of cell phones, I had no idea that looking at a screen could cause so many different things. I was never told about the dangers that could come with using one. So, I think it is a good idea to discuss some of the results I found from my research.

The first thing that I found was how many people use the cell phone at work, school, and even in the car. Cell phones are becoming a large problem in a student’s education. Students can’t seem to put these devices down and pay attention in class. The same issue is happening at work and in the car. Instead of listening to a meeting with a boss, people are focused on the latest Tik Tok trend. In the car, people think that keeping their Snapchat streaks is more important than paying attention to the road. Phones are the culprit to making people distracted. It is important to recognize when to use the phone. This will help people be less distracted and more aware of things going on around them.

Another thing that I found while researching was that people actually get attached to using a cell phone. I know it sounds crazy, but it is very true. Whenever a phone gets lost or breaks, we all get that feeling like our stomach has dropped to the ground. This is because people actually have an emotional attachment to their phones. Research shows that the more time a person spends on a phone, the stronger the emotional attachment they have to their device. So, by spending less time on the phone you actually become less attached to your mobile device.

There are plenty more effects from using a cell phone. This blog would be 100 pages long if I said every one of them. Now, I am not saying that people should completely give up using phones. Phones do provide us with many things like a GPS, or being able to communicate with people in an emergency. I think cell phones are great in small doses. These side effects can easily be avoided by just limiting the amount of time spent looking at the screen. So, try to go outside, or spend time with family instead of looking at a screen all day. This will help with time management when using a phone and will prevent these side effects from occurring.